City LS

Smart & communicating - City Public e-bike docking station

A concentrate of design and high technology make the City Public a reliable self-service e-bike docking station... and certainly the best mobility solution ever. Automatic Lock & Charge

    Smart and communicating

  • Smart station
    E-bike collection via RFID badge, SAAS for remote fleet management.
    On option
    E-bikes movement analysis and follow-up, Multilingual interface, Booking via internet / phone Intermodality : upgrade towards City Hub docking station And much more…

    Easy and evolutive

  • Safety
    Low-voltage fastener
    Smart design and integration in the townscape, number of fasteners and arrangement according to your needs.
    Plug & Play
    Non-invasive, easy installation and un-installation, maintenance.

Patented locking and charging device

The system prevents bike theft and preserves battery life, saving money and making available reliable bikes with charged batteries.

Open to changes

You can add locks as your needs grow, you can add features as well to better the quality of your service. You answer the demands of your users by delivering a service in line with their needs.


You can change the location of the station as your needs change so the user experience is one of responsive service.

Extranet Management software

Station management is easily done through our extranet management system. You have access, in real time, to all the tools (usage stats, user management, state of the fleet, report and follow-up of problems, etc.)


We adapt the station to your RFID badges. The ease of use takes care of the technical and cognitive fears of the users who become charmed and start using your service.


Our teams are doing the maintenance of the bikes and the stations, and a hotline is available for technical support.

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