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Prestige & Freedom - City Hub Docking Station

Don't you think that freedom means having the choice of one's mean of transport ? Here is the result of our innovation and partnership with Schneider Electric: a docking station which monitors the charge of Electric Vehicles (Twizy, Zoé, i3, e-golf etc...) Your multimodal city hub!

Recharge pour voitures électriques

Jusqu'à 22 kW en courant alternatif

Vélos électriques en libre-service

Jusqu'à 5 attaches

    Our multimodal solution

  • e-bikes and electric cars
    Automatic lock and charge for e-bikes
    Semi-automatic for Electric Vehicles until 22 kW
    Choice among the various means of transport available on the station, all accessible from the same badge.
    Smart station
    Bike collection via RFID badge, SAAS for remote fleet management and evlink totem monitoring.
    On option
    e-bikes movement analysis and follow-up, Multilingual interface, Booking via phone or internet.

    Easy to deploy

  • Safety
    Low-voltage station.
    Smart design, integration in the townscape, number of fasteners and arrangement according to your specific needs.
    Plug & Play
    Non-invasive, easy installation and un-installation, maintenance.

The multi modal mobility hub in the center of town

  • Charging car batteries is billed through no-contact Credit Card
  • Unlocking an e-bike is done through RFID badges
  • The e-bike management software delivers to the customer and his clients all the relevant information (level of charge, state of the bikes, number of miles, etc.)
  • RFID badges can be used to unlock a car charging service

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