The Company

At Clean Energy Planet we design, produce and distribute self-service e-bike and multimodal electric docking stations for private and public corporations.

  e-bike docking stations Clean Energy Planet

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Why choosing us? - The answer in 5 points:

  1. We are the pioneers of electric bike (e-bike) docking station. Our venture started in 2006, and today we count nearly 50 stations across Andorra, France, La Réunion, Luxembourg, and Monaco.

  2. Based in the French Riviera, our quality of designers and producers allows us to offer you turnkey eco-mobility solutions that fit your specific needs.

  3. Our patented automatic lock and charge system is unique in Europe, and is the most suitable for self-service: it optimizes battery charge.

  4. Our stations are connected to extranet software for real time fleet management.

  5. Plug n' Play stations, they need few civil engineering: we only need to be connected to power supply and telecom network!


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